Opportunity Alert

Benefits of Joining

  • Relevance:

    The companies you will connect with through Opportunity Alert work in your industry and share your interest in actively seeking partners.

  • Quality:

    Opportunity Alert carefully screens applicant companies to ensure their partnership needs and experience is well matched to registered users to ensure productive business matches. Only companies with proven intellectual property and/or partnering track records are invited to join.

  • Low Cost:

    We let you try the system for free. Once approved, you receive a free one-year subscription to Opportunity Alert. If after one year, you decide that you the system is valuable to you, you can continue to be a member for a reasonable annual fee.

  • Build on Personal Connection:

    Being in the same industry, many Opportunity Alert users attend the same events. By starting your conversations online, you can pre-qualify some companies and make your time spent at conferences even more productive.

  • Value:

    Opportunity Alert allows companies to develop business opportunities that may have been difficult to access (i.e. located in other regions) or introduce entirely new revenue streams.

  • Create Efficiency:

    Not all companies are good matches for your company. Opportunity Alert helps you screen and focus on the right partner in minutes before engaging in lengthy conversations or meetings.

  • Expansion:

    Opportunity Alert allows you to expand your geographic scope of potential partners. It's as limitless as the internet!

Sound good? Take a moment and register today. It's quick, painless, and free: Register Now

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